Naive terminal variables manager.

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Naive terminal variables manager.


Download one of the prebuilt binaries for your platform, then make it executable:


curl -L -o yuna 
chmod a+x yuna

Install (other platforms)

If your platform is not available or you don't want to use the binaries above, make sure you have a Rust installation locally, then run:

cargo install yuna


# If run without arguments, it will list all available variables in that folder. 
# If run with more than an argument, it will write a variable, 
yuna foo bar baz 
# If run with a argument, it will read a variable. 
yuna foo

Every time a variable is saved, a .yuna.yml is created in the current directory. When searching all available variables, yuna will search and load all .yuna.yml files in all ancestors folders, up to /.

Contributing to yuna


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Licensed under the MIT license, which can be found at