Alfred Chrome workflow

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This workflow allows you to open a URL in Google Chrome via Alfred.


To trigger the workflow, type chrome or cr. Optionally you can add a URL.

Between the results you will a list of profiles to use to open the URL (or simply to open a new window).

If you hold the Alt key while selecting the result item, the window will be open using incognito mode.


This workflow has been tested on Alfred 3, 4 and 5.


Double click (or open in Alfred settings) the Alfred Chrome.alfredworkflow file.

Allow the helper to execute

If you get the message “alfred-chrome” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified., then you have to whitelist the execution of the helper:

  1. Open Alfred preferences.
  2. Go to workflows.
  3. Right click (or Alt+Click) on the Alfred Workflow item and select "Open in Finder".
  4. Inside finder right click (or Alt+Click) on alfred-chrome and then select "Open".
  5. You should see a warning from the operating system. Just allow the execution and you're done.


Remove the workflow via Alfred settings.

Specifying a different flavor of Chrome

If you use Canary version of Chrome or similar applications, like Chromium, you can instruct the workflow to use it.

To do it:


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