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strftime support for Moment.js


Moment.js is a great, lightweight date-manipulation library, with a very approachable date format syntax that makes it a breeze to work with dates and times in the Javascript world.

Unfortunately, the library doesn't support (and won't do it) one of the most common approaches to format strings: the Unix-Style strftime syntax.

This plugin (any many others) aims to fill the gap.

Installation (NPM)

Simply do:

npm install moment-strftime2

Installation (Bower)

Simply do:

bower install moment-strftime2


const moment = require("moment");

moment().strftime("%m/%d/%y %I:%M %p %Z"); // => "16/09/11 09:22 AM CET"

Supported modifiers

This plugin supports all modifiers listed here with the exception of the following:

And with the addition of the following modifiers:


You can completely customize moment-strftime2 behavior by requiring the module and overriding the separator and modifiers variables:


const moment = require("moment");
const strftime2 = require("moment-strftime2");

moment("2016-10-10 12:34:56.135 +02:00").strftime("%d %o #d #o"); // "10 %o #d #o"
strftime2.separator = "$"
strftime2.modifier.o = "DD";
moment("2016-10-10 12:34:56.135 +02:00").strftime("%d %o #d #o"); // "%d %o 10 10"

Supported implementations.

moment-strftime2 supports and has been tested on NodeJS 6.0+.

API Documentation

The API documentation can be found here.

Contributing to moment-strftime2


Copyright (C) 2016 and above Shogun

Licensed under the MIT license, which can be found at

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