Package releasing made easy.

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Package releasing made easy.


Type the following inside a fish shell and you're done!

curl -sL | sudo bash

impicca will be installed in /usr/local/bin.


impacca is able to help you in maintaining the file and the version for npm modules, Ruby gems and standalone git repository.

It is strongly opinionated, but it should work for most common use cases.

To see all the possible commands, simple run:

impacca -h


impacca tries to find a .impacca.json in the current working directory and all its parents and in your home directory.

Here's a list of supported configuration fine (with their default):

  "commitMessages": { 
    "changelog": "Updated", // Message used to commit changelog updates. 
    "versioning": "Version %s." // Message used to commit version updates. %s will be replaced with the NEW version 

When releasing a new version in plain GIT repository, impacca will also look for Impaccafile executable script. This script will be executed prior commiting the changes and will receive the NEW version as first argument and the OLD version as second argument. You can find an example of a Impaccafile in this repository (which uses this feature).

Contributing to impacca


Copyright (C) 2018 and above Shogun (

Licensed under the MIT license, which can be found at