Cowtech's ESLint configuration

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CowTech style ESLint config

Starting from version 4.19.0, it is now based on standard which will differ on only few specific cases.


In your ESLint configuration file, insert one the following statement, depending on your use case:

// ... 
"extends": "@cowtech/eslint-config" 
// ... 
// ... 
"extends": "@cowtech/eslint-config/typescript" 
// ... 
// ... 
"extends": "@cowtech/eslint-config/react" 
// ... 
// ... 
"extends": "@cowtech/eslint-config/react-with-typescript" 
// ... 

Contributing to @cowtech/eslint-config


Copyright (C) 2017 and above Shogun

Licensed under the MIT license, which can be found at

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